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Monday, May 10, 2004

Medical Nightmares

I keep going over this medical packet and thinking that it is the sole intent of the Peace Corps to keep me out for minor medical issues. My asthma hasn't stopped me from hiking mountains in Thailand, rafting in Nepal, horseback riding in both Ecuador and New Zealand, scuba diving in Colombia, hiking the Olgas in Australia, and countless other adventures throughout the world. I am in excellent health and I have always managed my asthma with the care and knowledge. The Peace Corps would also like to discriminate against me based on weight. Well, that is overstating it considerably (only if I medically cleared though).

I am gearing up to be my own advocate with the fire and gusto to end all fights. It is not that they (the PC) will not allow PCV's (get used to acronyms now) with asthma; it just severely limits the countries where they allow them to serve. I am so thrilled with my nomination that I don't want it to change in the least.

My doctors appointment is Wednesday, so hopefully I will have the majority of my fears calmed by then.


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