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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The Universe and Her confusing ways...

I am facing some impossible decisions at the moment and I think they just might do me in. I am currently working on a job that will keep me busy until my nominated departure date (Jan 2005, which was the plan). Long story short, it appears as if these folks might offer me a full time position within the next month. It would mean a substantial pay raise and benefits (I am currently freelance). Also, in the very same day another job opportunity is presenting itself, with even better pay and a move to Denver (which I think I would really like).

Then there is the Peace Corps. I am moments away from sending in my medical packet, which provided its own usual complications. The most troubling of which might delay getting medically cleared (abnormal PAP, how's that for too much information). I'll find out about that test this week.

Here is the crux of my dilemma. As attractive as either job offer sounds, one of the reasons I want to join PC is because I am fairly unhappy in my current profession and I have always wanted to pursue a career in international development. PC is a fantastic opportunity to explore international development and contribute in a small way. It is hands on experience that I think would benefit every aspect of my life. But with all the rumors of budget cutbacks and programs being downsized or canceled, I am concerned that I may be throwing my career down the toilet for a pipe dream.

Geez, I am just mortified at this moment. I'll calm down in an hour, but I just had to vent my fears. In my head I can already tell I am ready to turn down two terrific job opportunities for just the possibility of getting a treasured invitation to the PC. This could be dedication or sheer foolishness. I am no spring chicken; maybe I should be getting on with the business of life. Then again, what could make a person feel more alive than joining PC?


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