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Thursday, September 09, 2004

And the Waiting Continues

So, two posts in less than a week, what can I say. I was just sitting here thinking about how I thought that I would be so relieved right now. With medical Clearance two weeks behind me, I thought I was over the hump, that with Medical Clearance I would be breathing a big sigh of relief, but not so much.

I am now just hoping that I can get placed. I have sent (I think) my PO an email (PO means Placement Officer, and not Probation Officer as a lot of my friends would automatically think). I would just love to hear from the guy, to hear some reassuring words. Just tonight the folks about to leave for Kiribati were pushed back. They have the choice of leaving with the same invite in March, or trying to get into a program leaving sooner (January). That could mean more encroachment into my time to leave, or it could mean nothing. I am just worried. I can still hear the words of X Man floating through my head, but he got an invite to Morocco, so I shouldn’t worry about things over which I have no control.

This comes up because I will have to have a conversation with Eddie after next week. I am going to be straight honest with him and tell him that PC is my priority. What is gnawing away at me is my poor girl background that screams at me to never turn down work. What if my departure isn’t in January and I have no work to fill the interim. The reassurance is that there is always work at the mall, and I have always gotten buy, that poor girl survival instinct has never failed me. Plus, working at Film House just isn’t for me, no matter what the future holds, and I have to have faith in the Universe, for she always provides!


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