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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A New Wrinkle...

So, I spoke with my Placement Officer (PO) yesterday, and he delivered an interesting update. He told me that my Screening Nurse had limited the countries I could serve in. He didn't give me a list, but he told me the country that I was nominated to was on my restricted list (which confirms that is was Zambia, a very rural country).

My PO seems extremely nice (Patrick Carey) and I have every confidence that he will work very hard on my behalf. He said he would try to get me a departure as close to my original departure as possible. I told him, in the gentlest way possible and reaffirming that I am completely on board with infinite flexibility, that come January I was essentially out of a job. He said he understood and that it was important to know. I wholeheartedly believe that he will do the best he can.

This normally would be cause for some panic, but I am really not. The Universe will make happen what needs to happen. I really feel confident in my heart about this. I have done all I can to put myself in the best position for placement and there is nothing more I could do. So, hopefully Patrick will call me next week and have some options for me. I looked at the program directory spread sheet (on Yahoo peace corps group) and there are some interesting programs. I liked the sound of Uganda or Botswana. There also weren't too many departures to Central Asia or Eastern Europe (where I'd really rather not go). So, the waiting game continues...But I have hope and faith!


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