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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Not PC Related -- But Glorious None The Less

Just so we're clear on this, I am in no way compromising my allegiance and lifetime affiliation to the Cubs organization, are we clear! That being said -- YIPPPPEEEEE RED SOX!!! While the Chicago Cubs are historically more deserving, it is a wonderful day to see the Red Sox vanquish it's two arch enemies in 8 straight victories. Now, just for you history buffs out there (at least the ones who aren't burned out by these trivial facts from SportsCenter), the last World Series won by the Red Sox was in 1918, and just a little personal turn of the knife, they beat the Cubs (the last World Series won by the Cubs was 1908, thereby making us far more deserving).

Even if there was no speaking of a curse, it was pure pleasure to see the Yankees bite it after a 3 game lead, and then for the Sox to sweep the Cards after they dominated the NL Central all season (and killing the Cubs shot at a playoff spot) is the height of joy.

What am I going to do for two years without football Sundays, SportsCenter, ESPN Magazine, hockey games at the GEC, and most of all, Minor and Major League Baseball??? I will need frequent Sports Illustrated and ESPN Magazine sponsors (and if there is a generous soul who can slip me Baseball Weekly, there could be a first born child in it for you, I won't need it).

My hat off to you, Bambino. Those of us who love the lore of baseball as much as the game owe you so much. May we all go down swingin'!


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