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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Some News...

Ok, I think that I have a new subject to research. I talked to my PO today and I know a little more, for whatever it's worth. I was motivated into calling Patrick by my current Executive Producer, he asked me about the next project (I know I turned it down, but there is still some ambiguity, go figure). So, I call and his news is about as expected, he says I have two options, a program leaving in May or one leaving in August.

The program leaving in May is Public Health in Africa. The program leaving in August is basically a television production job in the same country. It would be working within a program to create and produce HIV/AIDS PSA’s. I was torn for a few minutes about this one. But there were two very strong deciding factors that clinched the deal. First, I was shattered about a five-month delay from my original departure date; eight months would really find me homeless and penniless. Secondly, one of the main reasons for joining Peace Corps was because I am not so sure Television Production is what I want to do with the next big chunk of my life. I also think I should take this opportunity to learn a new skill set.

I fretted over this for a few minutes, and then relaxed into a reassuring calm that I had made the right decision. And for the biggest news of this post, WHERE I am probably going…Kenya! Well, that is at least my most educated guess. There are only two programs leaving for Africa in May that allow asthma, and only Kenya has Public Health. Needless to say, I am way excited about the idea of living in Kenya and possibly learning Swahili (one of 4 languages in Kenya). I still have to wait for the official invitation that won’t go out until sometime in November. Also, I have a new Placement Officer. I am not so happy about that, for Patrick was a very nice guy who was always straight with me. We’ll see how Allyson Gardner turns out to be. We’ll also have to see what I manage to do about a living arrangement and earning some dosh. Nike once observed that I manage to always land a job, so let’s pin our hopes on my past performance.


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