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Friday, October 22, 2004

Titles Suck...taking suggestions below

I guess first things first. I will NOT be unemployed until my departure. My current Executive Producer could not have been more thrilled that my departure was delayed (nothin' but love from ole Eddie). Actually, it is very sweet and supportive. Even after I turned down the next project (because I didn't know when I was to leave for PC and still planning on a January departure) he was still trying to figure out a way for me to do it, working around my time constraints. When it turns out I could complete project, he and his Creative Producer nearly jumped for joy (seriously guys, this shouldn't have made them this happy). So, I'll still be able to pay the rent and stash a little more dosh away. Still, given my druthers, I'd rather leave in January. I'm not worried about my apartment because I have lived here for years and I'm sure they'll extend my lease, they love me too! (Ha ha...This whole paragraph sounds a bit self-absorbed...apologies all around.)

I have spent the last day doing some thought provoking reading. The internet has made the world of personal experience a fascinating and revealing place. I am able to read almost instantly what one person half way around the world is feeling, thinking or doing. It is amazing how candid people are willing to be in such a public place as the internet! I have to admit that I will be thankful for that honesty for a very long time, and I hope by continuing that circle here, others can benefit as well. One of the key pieces of advice that everyone associated with PC gives is to have "no expectations." I think this is in response to the propensity for pollianaism amongst new recruits. The blogs I have been reading in the past couple of days are a real dose of reality about the frustrations and disappointments that are part of the PCV experience. While I am working really hard to avoid any preconceived notions, at least I am not going into this with delusions of grandeur.

Ok, one last note...I emailed my new PO (after of days of her not answering the phone) and she has told me that invitations for my placement won't go out until late November or early December, but that I will be one of the first to receive an invitation. I think I will end on that positive note.


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