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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Gee...Um...Really Glad Your Not Dead

I am feeling so much love today. A lot of my friends have called to ask if I had been in Thailand, would I have been there? And then they tell me how happy they are that I am not dead.

Here is the back story, I usually take an annual trip to South East Asia (SEA). I start in Thailand, visit someplace, come back for the holiday and then off to somewhere else. If your interested, the links to the right are my expensive personal hobbies combined, photography and travel. Well, the year before last I was on Koh Phi Phi (pronounced Pee Pee) and last year I was on Koh Lanta. Both destroyed a few days ago.

For the past three weeks I have done nothing but bitch and whine about how cold it is here and poor me because I am missing my normal 6 weeks of Christmas vacation in order to work. My mental reprieve was my upcoming service in Kenya. So, when I see the news of this horrific disaster in South and SE Asia, my first selfish thought is, not only would I have been there, but I'd be dead. I am not trying to be dramatic, but just brutally honest. I had planned to go back to Koh Lanta this year, and to the same beach place. My hut would have been 100 feet from the beach. I most likely would have been half asleep on the beach with a book over my face. Now all I can do is shut the F#@& up.

I think Breeny put it best when she told me that the Universe had saved my ass again. She couldn't be more right. She thinks that the Universe has a plan for me. I am not as confident in that, but I can say that once again Her big eye in the sky steered my ship to the right port. It is even more sobering that when my ship is still safe, there are (at this moment) 117,000 people who have no more life. Countless more will endure unfathomable circumstances over the next months and years, and there is nothing I can do to help. I sit here in my warm house in my comfy jammi pants and I wonder how? I know that everything has a purpose, the Universe is not random chaos but intentional and pointed chaos, but it still cuts deep to see such destruction and pain.

Thanks to all who wished me happy "not dead" tidings. I am apologizing in advance when you worry about me in the future. When something strange or tragic happens in Africa and you're not really sure if that is near me and you worry anyway, I am sorry. I will always try to be safe, but if for some reason my ship isn't safe, keep in mind I am doing what makes me happy and fulfilled, it won't all be for naught.


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