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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Suggested Packing List

So, I finally got the Suggested Packing List. I don't know what to make of it yet. To be perfectly honest, I'm not freaked out about packing. I figure if I managed to live for 6 months out of my backpack on my 'Round the World trip, this shouldn't be a big deal. It is almost a better situation, for I will have a humble abode. The only thing that has me concerned is the 80 lb. weight limit. So, whaddya think of this list :


Tampons (lots !)*
Water bottles (2 recommended-Nalgene) or camelback
Batteries (rechargable are a good idea)*
A nice dressy outfit for first week dinner with officials
Headlamp with batteries and replacement bulb
Bathing suits (2-your size may change while here)
Glasses/sunglasses (2 pair)
English dictionary
Nice comfortable shoes (think nice sandals, Tevas, Chacos)
Professional clothing in breathable fabrics
Good bras (tons!)
Good underwear (they have these in country, but quality is poor)
Good pair of tennis shoes
Nice flip-flops*
Pictures from home
Camera and film (lots!)*
Duct tape
Sweater, sweatshirt or long-sleeve shirt
Medium book bag (for 3-4 day trips)
Toiletries for three months (shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, razors)*
Hairbrush or comb
Three month supply of prescription drugs
Portable alarm clock*
Leatherman or swiss army knife
Towel (travel/camping ones work well because they dry quickly)

Not necessary but useful for some volunteers (not all, don’t go buy all of this)

Shortwave radio*
Wall calendar*
Solar showers
Cookbooks (Better Homes and Garden, Fanny Farmer, Joy of Cooking, CD rom cookbook, ethnic or vegetarian cookbooks that use natural, non-processed ingredients)
Favorite recipes
Adaptor (if bringing electrical appliances)
CDs or tapes (lots! You will be listening to them for two years)
CD player and/or tape player (portable with speakers or small “Walmart” battery operated one*)
Ziploc bags
Travel/Camping towels
Money belt
U.S. stamps (can easily be sent to you by mail)
Beauty products/ pampering things for de-stressing (if you use them)*
Money (in large denominations, $50, $100, traveller’s cheques, Euros)
Your favorite pillow (if you’re picky about that)*
Spices/spice packets*
Good exercise pants
Linen/ cotton clothing (you can find linen and cotton here and get clothing made)*
Measuring cups/spoons (a must if you bake or cook)
Tea tree oil (great antiseptic for those skin infections and mosquito bites!)
Catalogue of clothing (to show to tailor to get copies made)
Good pens (if they are important to you, bics are available)*
Sports bras
Pepper/ pepper grinder*
Good flashlight*
Seeds (spices, veggies, etc.- can be purchased here or sent later also)*
Wet wipes

Educatoin Specific (also not necessary, just suggestions)

Art supplies (markers*, crayons, paints, construction paper, rubber cement, etc.)
Children’s books
World map/ map of Africa (can get free from AAA if member)
Appointment book*
CD books (there are computers at work stations and in some schools; they are smaller han books, packable, and can be useful, ie encyclopaedias, journals, etc.)
Stickers (can be easily sent here, too)
Blank cassettes (for making listening comprehensions)
Tape player/ recorder

Gift Ideas for Host Families (not necessary, can be bought here, too)

Dollar store stuff (tacky is good here!)
Karate/Action movies on VCD (not regular DVD!)*

Don’t Bring

Too many books (all classics in country)
Short skirts (above the knee)
Too many shorts (can only be worn indoors or when exercising)
Too many white clothes (they turn brown)
Tight clothes (culturally inappropriate)
Spaghetti strap tops (unless used as PJs)
Too many socks (1-2 pairs)
Over the counter medication (Tylenol, allergy meds, eye drops, etc provided by PC)
Too many electrical appliances (you may not have electricity)
Mosquito repellant (provided by PC)

(*) means you can find these things in country

It is interesting to see what is culturally appropriate and inappropriate in the clothes department.


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