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Friday, March 04, 2005

Elmo Has New Shoes

Some girls go wild for the Jimmy Choo’s; others would kill for a pair of Manolo Blanhnik. Not me! The mere mention of Vasque or Montrails is what makes me go all-weak in the knees. It isn’t diamonds or designer bags that get me in a capitalistic tizzy, it is technical outdoor gear. If anyone wishes to win my heart with materialistic goods, skip the useless jewelry, pass up any frilly whatnots and go straight for the waterproof down sleeping bag or the newest Gregory expedition pack with the hydration insert (science only makes nature even better).

So, I have my new Peace Corps shoes. First, big props to the folks at Chaco. Not only are they making the best water/hiking sandal, they are supporting some worthy causes. They have a special program for Peace Corps people where you pay about half of what they shoes are retail. Oh, and when I called to place the order, they couldn’t have been nicer people, they kept thanking me for what I’m doing. I haven’t done diddly yet; I hope I can live up to such praise.

Next we have a great shoe that is perfect for the dressier occasions. These Timberland cork soled sandals are durable and stylish. They are light, pack easy and still have that feminine touch.

Next week maybe I’ll report on the cool new Macabi skirt I am trying out.


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