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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Back In The Saddle

Ahhhh…there is nothing like the sweet smell of vacation! So, I am back from the Bahamas (and a side trip to Miami). Granted, when I think of a vacation, it generally involves a longer period of time (a minimum of a month) and lots of uncomfortable transiting (bring me your cramped airplanes, overcrowded buses, horse-drawn carriages). But, it was nice to see how the other half lives. Plus, I had the opportunity to shoot the hell out of my new camera (hence the all the new pictures).

What was really great about this trip was having the absolute pleasure to meet friends of my host. Kelly and Bev were an amazing delight to get to know. I wish I could tell you how cool these folks were. But, we all know that one of the main reasons I love to travel is for the personal encounters with people I’d never normally have the chance to meet. Bev and Kelly, I am serious, open doors for all y’all :). It was just a wonderful time with Margaret, her husband, daughter and their (now my) friends.

This time off also gave me time to really try and get prepared for my upcoming journey. I thought that I was pretty prepared for the upcoming craziness, but I was deluding myself. I think that I kept telling myself that I had heaps of time. When I went and paid my last months rent yesterday, it was concrete. I have only 24 days left in my apartment. Also, the vast majority of my work is done. I sent in my final edits yesterday. While there is no shortage of personal things to do, wrapping out this job and my office makes me very nervous. I am not one who is comfortable without work. I wouldn’t call me a workaholic, but having a job is vital to me. Where I am from and the way I was raised, you shouldn’t ever be without work.

So, I hope you are looking forward to posts in the next few weeks that reek of nerves, confusion, joy, excitement and sadness. Until then, tip back a drink and think of lovely beaches. Oh, and if you are quietly lurking about here, drop and note. At least tell me what you think of the pictures. I know you're out there.


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