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Monday, April 25, 2005

The Best Best Friends EVER

I have the best Best Friends ever! This past weekend was just insane. Nike came down to help with the yard sale. Saturday was bitterly cold, but at least we were spared the rain. Almost all of my stuff sold. This was my first yard sale (as the seller, not the buyer). Thanks to Breeny's additions, there was actually a large amount of stuff splayed on my lawn. What was odd about it was that the male shoppers out numbered female 3 to 1. I don’t know why I find that odd, but I do.

I couldn’t have gotten through this weekend without Nike and Breeny, emotionally, physically or spiritually. There were times when I just sat back and watched my sister from childhood have a true laugh with my sister from adulthood and I could only feel amazingly lucky. They are such beautiful people, smart, funny and drop dead geniuses. The Universe has blessed me with people who understand the misery that I came from and the happiness I aspire to.

My apartment is nearly empty and its so strange. It seems so much smaller. I don’t know how 350 square feet can possibly seem smaller, but when it has just a bed, TV and boxes of clothes, it is down right suffocating. I guess it is the spirit that seems to be missing most.

Big news for today is that my Staging packet has arrived. I was worried that with the move next Saturday, that I might miss the info. I won’t be in Indiana for a few more weeks. So, I called the Kenya Country Desk to inquire. These guys were so very nice to me. She immediately emailed me the info and told me that the packets were sent out Friday as well. Well, when I got home, the packet was sitting in my mailbox. How come the mail moved like the speed of light with this, but the invite seemed to take a month? I guess my eagerness was a little too eager this time round.

Ends up that Staging will be in DC, Arlington to be exact (previously thought to be in Philly). I guess I will be celebrating my birthday in the same place as last year, what an odd coincidence. For my 30th birthday last year I was in DC for a script conference. So, on the day of my birthday I did what I called my “Day of Death” tour. I went to Arlington Cemetery, The Vietnam Wall memorial, Korean War Memorial, the WWII Memorial and the Holocaust Museum. I wasn’t all that thrilled to be turning 30. It was in the room with all the shoes at the Holocaust Museum that it hit me, that I was at least getting the chance to turn 30 years old. That room with the shoes just shattered me. I am a history buff and have studied the Holocaust, but the shoes brought it to life for me. Afterwards, I thought the perfect way to celebrate my life was to remember the lives of those who suffered unspeakable pain.

I think my 31st birthday will be vastly different. Get to DC on the 23rd of May. Continue Staging on the 24th (my birthday). Get loads of shots and leave for Kenya on the 25th. Wow, I guess this is going to happen. Staging should prove to be a whirl of activity, but I will finally get to meet all these cool folks who I’ve been “virtually” getting to know for a few months now. I can’t tell ya how much I am looking forward to it.


  • At 1:35 PM, Blogger Brian Reeves said…

    Hey it's coming up, isn't it? Wow. You'll be heading out about a week before I will -- lucky you! :)

    I was just thinking, if I was going to Africa for the PC, I think Kenya would be like the dream assignment. I can't wait to read about your experiences.

    Good luck!

    p.s. And your apartment is only 350 sq. feet? *Damn!* I thought one of mine from a few years ago was tiny at 400...!

  • At 12:48 PM, Blogger Me said…

    I thought it would take forever to get here, and all of a sudden I am packing to go.

    It was odd, when I got delayed, I was wanting Kenya, but it seemed so far out. Now I am so thrilled that it all came together this way.

    I can't wait to see how you find all of this stuff this time around.


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