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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Surreal Life

I am existing in this really bizarre limbo at the moment.  Staying with my mom has really warped time.  It feels like ages until I leave.  Actually, it doesn't feel like I am leaving for Kenya.  It feels as if I should be loading my car for a return trip back to Nashville.  I flee home to Nastyville after a few days here in Indiana normally.   This is the first time I have spent more than 5 days here since 1993, and oh boy, do I know why.  This town I grew up in doesn't have any FedEx drop-off.  That should be the first sign of civilization.  And why the lack of FedEx concerns me considering my upcoming adventure in simple living is beyond me. 
Well, could the those above thoughts be more disjointed and discombobulated?  I guess this is all to say I wish I felt more excited about leaving.  But, this is pretty par for the course for me.  I never think an adventure is going to actually happen until my luggage is checked and I have a boarding pass in my hand. 


  • At 9:41 AM, Blogger Erin said…

    I've been living at my Mom's, and it sure is ...different.

    I've got to get the fact that I'm leaving in 4 days into my brain, so that I actually get some work done! I'm being worryingly slow about this.

    I'm trying to get all my extra clothing packed, but of course I'm sitting here, browsing the internet, drinking coffee, and working on yesterday's crossword.

    heh, that's going to be really productive!

    Good luck on all the packing stuff, and I can't wait to finally meet you!


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