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Friday, June 03, 2005


Well, I should post and let everyone know that training has started.  We are in Kitui, a town 3.5 hours southeast of Niarobi.  So far things are fine.  I have moved in with he host family (not my favorite part) but they are nice people.  Mama is a nurse and Baba is a teacher at the deaf school.  I haven't had ANY time to myself, and the posta (where I am writing this) will be closing shortly.  I just wanted to post and remind everyone to WRITE ME!  They have us quite cut-off for most of training, and checking email has proved to be a test of ones speed and patience (duh).  I haven't seen much of Kenya (they really do hold you captive), but what I say out the bus window to Kitui was beautiful.
My training group is great, but as predicted I am nearly the oldest woman in the group and the next oldest is a guy who is 41.  Our youngest member is 20.  So far we have lost only 2 members and that was before we left DC.  Keep your fingers crossed.  We find out in 5 weeks what our sites will be, so that will e the next hurdle.
So far I don't have any major wish list items.  I know a few things that if sent in the next week (so I don't pay customs, PC does) would be nice.  I did not bring enough gaff tape (can you believe a producer didn't bring enough).  I would also love letters, did I mention that.  Oh, and in those letters (not the aerograms I gave you) put in pictures.  My host family wants to see pictures of y'alls houses, farms pets, work, just whatever.  They weren't too happy to see just my pictures of people.  Ok...hope to write something insightful soon.  Miss everyone heaps!


  • At 8:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You go girl n I'm "with ya"all the way" to Sambia !
    Betty in California


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