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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Packages Arrived!

Well, we are back from Niarobi with little to no incident.  As a group we spent much time at the Sarit Center (Mall) and ingesting foods not known to our town of Kitui.  If you'll just indulge me for a moment, I will tell you about the amazing beef fillet we ate one night.  It was simply amazing, and so tender we cut it with a butter knife.  This is different from our regular diet of Kenyan Fighting Chickens (the chicken that bites back) and tough roasted goat.  As many of you know, I have grown to enjoy the goaty goodness, but the tender beef was a delight none the less. 
The embassy party was a blast.  It was like being the actors at a party, we were the poor ones hording food and drink and taking any hand outs that came our way.  The Peace Corps played the Embassy guys in a softball game, where we were promptly whipped!  Now, these guys took their softball seriously, some even had cleats.  While the PCV's were playing barefoot and some had a big bottle of beer next to them in the out field.  No one was surprised by the outcome, despite our mediocre efforts.
It is only a few more days until site announcement.  We are all anxious and nervous, but mostly excited at the prospect of training being over.  All next week I will be away visiting my future site, but no one really knows what that means.
My language skills are just pathetic at this point, so I'll not comment on them.  End of story.
Ok, big thanks to Mom!  I got the pre-packed packages she sent to me, and it was like Christmas, so much stuff I forgot I wanted.  Nioka also came through like a CHAMP with the coolest bag, pictures and STARBURTS.  A few things that, if they cross your mind, to drop into a package are things like:  powdered drink mixes (crystal light, Gatorade), powdered cheese mixes (the stuff in Kraft dinners and the Parmesan cheese packets from Domino's or such), hair accessories of any kind, hot seeds for cucumbers, spinach, herbs or anything else that goes in a salad.  Yes, you heard me, seeds.  I am going to attempt a sack garden (I'll explain later), and no I am not kidding.  I'll maybe fail miserably, but I at least I'll try to grow my salad.
Well, hope all is well at home.  Miss ya heaps and I'll post as soon as I have a site.


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