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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Getting Used To It

Other than worrying about the goings on in my home country, I am
settling into life here in Oyugis. I have met another PCV who lives
close to me and is super cool. I am finally off the stupidest malaria
drug EVER!! LIfe is finally getting into a mild routine. This is
still the hardest time period for PCV's, so the adjustment is meant to
continue for few more months.

I am working with an amazing organization that would thrive without me
even being here. They are really trying to take care of me
(althougth, I am not so good at being taken care of) and they are just
over-whelmingly excited to have me here. That in and of itself is a
lot of pressure. You have no idea what they really expect of you, and
you also have no idea what you really have to offer! The AIDS crisis
in this part of Kenya is really harsh. The country as a whole has a
5-7% AIDS rate, this area has a 27% AIDS rate. Imagine that, one in
four people will die of AIDS complications. I plan to write soon
about the difference between AIDS in America and AIDS here, because in
some ways it is a different disease.

My little house has yet to aquire any character. I am not very good
at creating my own space. In my last apartment, it took me two years
before I finally accepted I was really going to live there, and I put
things up on the wall and finished unpacking boxes. I hope it doesn't
take that long this time.

Ok, hope you all will write me and tell me you are ok and how life is
going, even if it sin't going so well. I want to know how EVERYONE is
at this crazy time.


  • At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Bro said…

    Hey I hope you get this. I thought I would let you know how things here are going. Hurricane katrina has destroyed so much and just like sept 11 ppl are so concerned about who's fault it is rather than focusing on the task at hand. I agree that later on after the crisis has calmed an inquiry is definitely needed. But at this moment, relief is the need of the day. I hope the malaria drugs didn't mess you over too bad. Take care of yourself. and keep up the good work.


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