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Friday, October 21, 2005

A Correction

In the interest of clarity and honesty, I am attaching a note that my
beloved friend Bonnie sent me. She is getting ready to go to my
beloved Thailand to teach (she was a PCV with me) with another of my
beloved friends Scott. Yep, that is some serious lovin' going on!
Well, Bonnie is a Kiswahili star, and I wish to share how crappy my
language skills are, and I am totally at one with that fact! So here
you go...

"okay, i know you soooo don't want your swahili
corrected from the PCKenya drop out--but i was catching up
on your journaling and it wouldn't be watatu--the
m/wa class is strictly for living things and while
matatu certainly seem to have a mind of their own
they are in fact inanimate objects..thus they are in
the n class for foriegn nouns--and would be the same
in singular and plural...i love you misty dearest and
trust that in two years you'll know a helluva lot more
than i ever could!"

Now, I live in Lou-land, so we both know that won't be the case, even
if I lived in a Bantu tribal land (Kiswahili is a Bantu language and
Dhlou is NOT). No matter, I love that she rocked our Kiswahili world,
and knowing this girl will be fluent in Thai within six months. Have
a Pad Thai for me!

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