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Monday, October 03, 2005

New Address

Ok, y'all have been asking for it (and I jump for joy everytime, cuz it means your thinkin' of me), so here are the new addresses.  But don't fret, the old address isn't invalid, anything sent there will get to me, eventually!  This also means that the addresses that appear at are not the newest information.  I will try to have that changed soon, but my webmaster (the ever busy best friends' husband, Daniel) get to that after working, school and trying to squeeze in time with his wife and four kids.  So, what I am saying is that it won't be soon.  This is both a mass email and a blog update (sorry), so you can always refer to the blog for this information as well, but it will scroll of the page in a few months most likely (  Ok, here goes...
Kirsten Sheldon, PCV
c/o Misty Ellis
P.O. Box 2791
Kisumu 40100
My friend Kirsten has made nice with the mail guy in Kisumu, so there are usually no customs charges when she gets packages, and I see her at least 2 or 3 times a month!  Letters sent to this address will reach me, but not as fast.  Then again, I haven't gotten a letter delivery from Peace Corps Nairobi since coming to site, so fast is a relative term, eh!  Kirsten's packages seem to get to her from Jersey in 7-10 days (I still think she is lying to me, but why would she, ha ha).  So, I guess we'll just have to see.  A bright side, my friend Josie got a package 2 months ago (August 2005 for those keeping score at home) that was sent to her in October of 2004.  So, even if the awesome stuff you have sent hasn't arrived, it doesn't mean it won't ever, it just might make it in time to celebrate my 1st anniversary in Kenya, and that will STILL be awesome!
M Bag:  This is something I have been meaning to post about.  The US mail offers a special surface mail rate for media material called M Bag.  This includes books, papers, magazines and all media material.  It is shockingly slow, but WAY cheaper than airmail.  The first 10 lbs. of material costs about $10, and then $1 for every pound after that.  Those that know me even as a passing acquaintance know the feverish rate at which I consume books and magazines, so if you clean out the magazine rack or bookshelves, don't hesitate to box them up and put them on a slow boat to Kenya.  Ask your postmaster about M Bags today!  (You can take the producer outta Nashville, but you can't take the producer outta the girl.)
Letters Only
Misty Ellis, PCV
P.O. Box 465
Oyugis 40222
This is a place in my town and so will come to me (relatively) quickly.
Thank you, erocamano (Dhlou), asanta sana (Kiswahili), danka (German), Kapkumka (Thai)...basically thanks a thousand times over because just hearing from you all makes my day, and sometimes my week.  I'll never be able to adequately explain the absolute joy letters and pictures (let alone packages) bring to my life, and to others.  For I carry on that Peace Corps spirit and share (bribe?) my fellow volunteers.  I force them to look at pictures, listen to tid bits from letters and as a reward they might get a few Starbursts or a stick of American Spearmint Extra gum for their indulgence.


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