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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Fun and Political Turmoil

Well, I have been very neglectful of this blog this month.  Mostly I didn't want people to worry, but it seems some of you have heard of the current political situation in Kenya, so I will briefly bring you up-to-date.  First, there is no need to worry; Peace Corps isn't anything if not paternalistic in situations like this.   Some might remember this month I was meant to be zipping down a world-class river in a rubber raft, well that got canceled along with our In-Service Training (IST) and moved to next month.   Why?


The Kenyan Government has decided to bring forth a new constitution for the entire country to vote on.   There have been many rallies for (the banana team) and against (the orange team) this Kilifi constitution.  Some of these rallies haven't been the most peaceful events.   So, in an effort to protect our safety, Peace Corps Admin has implemented our planned security procedures for just such occasions.  So, while I am restricted from commenting on anything of a political nature, I can comment that the caution with which PC Admin is approaching this is very serious and measured.   They are far more concerned than Backpacker Misty would be, but that isn't the best endorsement.  All kidding aside, they are really keeping an eye on the situation in conjunction with all other US Agencies here.   The vote is scheduled for November 21st.


So, now IST is scheduled for early December, and then I will shoot down the Nile in a rubber raft, happy as a clam.   I don't know what my Christmas plans are yet, but I hope it is something interesting.


All is well in my little mud house.  Yes, you heard me, MUD.   After that long description of my house, I have found out it is actually mud.  They build it out of mud, them they put a shmear of cement on the outside and inside walls.   I wonder what my journeyman brother would think of that kind of high-end construction?


Due to the current political state, I am not really hard at work yet.   The vote has put me a month behind, but the projects I have planned are really getting me excited.


Margaret, a good friend and AFRTS veteran, sent some school supplies last month.   She sent two over-whelming boxes with crayons, colored pencils, paints and coloring books.  So, I took half of them to the nursery school JAM runs.   This school has 55 children in one room, at least three kids to a desk, and no fun colorful materials that kids that age need (can you even imagine 3-5 year old children sitting at a desk, let alone three to a desk).   I hope to have pictures soon of their colorful artwork hanging on the walls.  The other half went to my friend Carol's orphanage she is working at.   She has taken pictures too.  Of those orphans, probably a third are HIV positive and the others are AIDS orphans, or the children of mothers who died of AIDS.   She said that they were just THRILLED with their stuff.  Thanks Margaret and Cami for brightening the day of really deserving kids!


Ok, I am just hoping that with the change of site (from Kitui to Oyugis) that the letters that I hoped to receive have just been lost in the mail or something.   I have gotten just one letter from my sister since I moved to Oyugis, and she sent that to the new address.  I called our mail guy in Nairobi and he swears that there is nothing for me there.   So, I hope that y'all haven't forgotten me.  In thinking ahead to Christmas, I hope I haven't been dropped off the Christmas Card Lists of my friends, even if they might come in January.  


Speaking of the holiday season, I hope that everyone has wonderful Thanksgiving and eats until they bust.   Hey, and after you have eaten your fill of the traditional fixin's, order a pizza and think of me.  Due to the political situation, I will be having a romen noodle and apple dinner all by my lonesome.   We have been restricted to our sites. So, have an extra slice of pie for me too! 


Happy Thanksgiving from Kenya!  I promise to post more!







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