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Thursday, November 24, 2005


Pole means sorry in Kiswahili. Fisrt and foremost, all is safe and
sound in Kenya. The world didn't end, the consititution vote went for
the oranges (that means the no's won, and my part of the country was
very anti-new constitution) and peace reins again.

As some of you have seen, someone has figured out how to post to my
blog without my say so. Stupid spammers! I had to change some things
in the settings, and that means I had to fiddle with the comments
setting. I am betting it is pretty hard to post comments now. I am
sorry, but you can always send me an email or WRITE ME A LETTER!
Today is Thanksgiving, and per the American tradition I am going to
see a movie. So, at least all is not lost in Kenya. Enjoy the food
and all the shopping tomorrow. I will enjoy all the mild/warm weather
for y'all.

Miss you soooooo much!



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