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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Post Holiday Blues

Don't you hate when your holiday comes to an end?  I have to say that I am in love with the south coast of Kenya.  Tiwi Beach was excellent, and despite the ghetto place we stayed, the ocean view from our clifftop front porch was AMAZING.  We were in the breeze and could hear the breakers all day and night.  Then, on our first morning there, we had the pleasure of unexpected company, vervet monkeys!  They are total thieves by the way.  One of my gang had lugged a watermelon all the way from site (that means 1 bus ride, a ferry ride and 4 matatu rides) just to have it brazenly stolen from our room by an industrious and strong monkey.  Everyday, all day, we had to vigilant about these crafty thieves, and we loved every minute of it, even when I discovered one still lurking in the cottage.

I am back in Oyugis and hard at work.  I will start giving my Family Planning (read: Sex Ed) lecture soon in the High Schools (called Secondary Schools here).  I have to be selective about the schools where I do this, because I refuse to tow the Bush party line (abstinence only) and have to have the Headmasters be comfortable with my "direct" approach to Health topics.  When the AIDS rate is .005% (as in the US) or 27% (as in Oyugis), it is absurd to think that teenagers need the subject tap danced around. That would just going to do them more harm than good!

I got some amazing Christmas packages from Margaret, JP, Lisa, and Chisti and Eddie Bowen.  They were chalk full of amazingly useful goodies that I am always wondering how I manage without.  I have clean hair and can read at night now, not to mention the luxury that now adorns my bed in the form of good sheets.  Y'all are the best!.  I have heard from a few others that they sent stuff too, and I promise to flog the Kenyan Postal system for missing the Christmas deadline.  I also promise to let you know when they arrive, but at least you can consider them early (or on-time, considering when they might arrive) birthday presents.

There are a few requests I'd like to put out there, but they are not for me.  I am working at a clinic where the nurse manages to use only 1 box of gloves a quarter I think.  I know how many times during my production life that I had to make a trip to the medical supply store (clean booties for freshly painted studios) and know that my friends will still be doing the same.  So, next time you are at the medical supply store, just add a few boxes of latex gloves to the production's list of needs and send them off to me here in Kenya.  It is dire and I hate that my nurse is risking her own health day in and day out for want of something so simple.  They can be sent regular air mail and marked as "Medical Supplies for Donation." I am also requesting books for a library that I am working with another Volunteer on.  I have probably sent most of you emails about that already.  The books can be sent "M Bag" and marked as "Books For Donation ."  It works out to about a dollar a pound to send.  Both can be sent to me in Oyugis at:

Misty Ellis, PCV
PO Box 465
Oyugis, Kenya

Thank you for even just reading such solicitation this far.  

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I missed you very much (watching monkeys and swimming in the brilliant blue I really did miss you). 

PS--For those of you who have neglected to inform me of my teams ABYSMAL football performance, for shame!  Then, JP doesn't tell me Denver is doing so well, or Brian doesn't send a gloating "Steelers Rule" email...I don't even know what to say.  Don't forget me next time you are catching Chris B and Gang on Sports Center.  Sistas in Africa still care about the Wide World of Sports!


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