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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I Haven't Vanished

Ok, so I have been woefully neglectful of my poor little blog in the last month, pole sana.  I have just been working A LOT.   Someone should have told me how much work this would be, I keep wondering what happened to those tranquil (and hellish) first few weeks at site when I was reading 5 books a week.   They are gone now.  Some days I long for the old production routine of a few 18-hour days followed by a week of calm.  I thought the time I'd hope for that is the time I should be committed…no more!   Bring 'em on!


Tomorrow I leave, FINALLY, for the long awaited rafting trip in Uganda.  I will be swishing down the Nile River, one of the best rivers for white water rafting in the world, and not too far for the fabled Source of the Nile.   Now…everyone all together now: ahhhh!  I have been so excited about this I can't see straight.  I am also going to be doing the second section of the river.   Two days of blissful, adrenaline driven fun, can life get any better?


I have to send out a big OCNGRATULATIONS to Sabrina and welcome Madeline Harper Reid Swofford into the world, finally.   While I missed yet another of my friends children being born, I will be seeing her soon enough, and maybe she'll be out of that "leaking fluids" stage that I am really not fond of.  


So, there will be another update soon, with all the gory details of the rafting trip, and hopefully pictures too!


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