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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Time Killers...For the First Time in Ages

Inigo Montoya

Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

So, I have for the first time, a few minutes to kill and thanks to Lexi (an amazing friend who is moving to Kisumu), I found this. "Princess Bride" is one of my all time favortie movies. I have only seen it several thousand times and when mom was here in Kenya, I read the book. Now, I loved the book too, so I thought this was fitting. I was surprised to be Inigo, but I love that character AND Mandy Patinkin's creative portrayal of him.


  • At 4:01 PM, Anonymous Christi Bowen said…

    So I too am Inigo Montoya! How funny is that?! This was a lot of fun. This is also one of my favorite movies. Hope you're doing well.

  • At 5:47 PM, Anonymous lynn kienle said…

    Hey Misty;
    As soon as you get home we can watch Princess Bride all you want, and have Famous Dave's too!
    Sure miss you, hurry home.


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