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Monday, February 05, 2007


Well, only 3 hours ago I was with 30 other Peace Corps Volunteers watching AMERICAN FOOTBALL!  Now, it was 6am on Monday for us, and we'd stayed up all night to enjoy it, but it was worth it.  It is hard to believe that another football season has passed while I whittle away the months in Kenya.  It was a true joy to be screaming at the screen when Grossman made yet another bonehead move (in all of his 6 minutes on the field), and Manning seemed to be holding a spiritual conference with all the players he was calling so many audibles.  The only way I managed to stay awake through the whole game was by spending the last quarter and a half explaining the intricate rules to my friend Shinita who had decided to cheer for the Colts (and there were so few of us) because she "likes horses."  I figure that is as good a reason as any though.  Now, me choosing the Colts side in this game in NO WAY diminishes my unyielding love for my Titans.  That should  be understood immediately. 

Life in Peace Corps has gotten crazy busy and it is amazing that the last six months of service are really the most frantic months.  Without going into too much detail (or really, no detail), y'all should know that things at my organization aren't so much kosher.  I am fine and my work progresses, but there seems to be a few more stumbling blocks these days.  I mention this because getting mail is proving to be more difficult than normal.  So, if you have sent me any letters and I haven't responded, please know that it is not because I am slacking off.  If it is something you really need a response to, please drop me an email or call me up.  The on-going insanity of getting mail/packages/psychic messages has become simply absurd at this point, but for once I can't blame it on the Kenyan postal system (as much as I'd like to).  I am doing just fine though, so there is NO need to be worrying about me, promise.

I have been putting up more pictures on the website lately, if you haven't checked over there recently.  I went into the way back machine and put up some from training in Kitui from summer 05 (yikes, that was like yesterday).  I know I repeat this every time, but I really am missing everyone desperately and hope everyone is doing well. 


  • At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I sure miss you Misty---lots of love, Kristin


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