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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Views from the Peace Corps Bus

So, here is how four Peace Corps Volunteers go about ingesting the new country (Rwanda) they are in after two years of Peace Corps life in Kenya.  These things were actually said, out loud, to each other:
Wow, these cows are so fat, you can't even see their hip bones!
Why is there no trash on the road?
Hey, the conductor (tout) didn't snatch my money.
All this rain, they really should have a water catchment'd never have to fetch water again!
Where are all the dukas and jua kali shops?
Why aren't there more goats/cows/chicken to graze on all this lush vegetation?  And why aren't the goats/cows/chickens that are here in the middle of the road?
Where are the donkey carts/hand carts/bicycles to block road traffic?
Hey, they are having a meeting under that tree in the field!  They might not even NEED Peace Corps Volunteers.
The stima (electricity) hasn't gone off once!
There are no chickens on this matatu.
All those banana trees so close to the house, they must have an awful spider problem!
Look at all these pretty feet!  The women here have such smart toes.
No one is wearing clothes that clash.  The whole wardrobe of the whole country is so coordinated.
How are these roads soooo good?  You could Rollerblade them.  I bet that's why the bus seems to have breaks that work.  hey, and even the shock absorbers work!
At least its "I Believe" playing, Cher is so much better than Lou music.
OH MY GOD!  These women aren't wearing petticoats (slips)!  Scandalous!
What Non-PCV's were over-heard to say of Rwanda
It's so pretty.
Geez, this is taking long.
Why is "I Believe" playing AGAIN?
It's so pretty.
There you have it, the difference in world views in a nut shell.  Next time you are on a road trip with your favorite volunteer, look for some of this charming comments.


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