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Friday, August 03, 2007


I was doing 80 down I-65 tonight and just pondering what a cool day it has been.  I am so blessed in my life right now and I just want to celebrate great people/moments/events that have me happy to be home.
  • The feel of freshly cut grass against my bare feet
  • The feel of smooth pavement against my bare feet
  • The feel of household flooring against my bare feet
  • The hugs you get from fr
  • The odd phone calls from the only people who understand what weird and wonderful sensations America evokes
  • The radio full blast while I sing at the top of my lungs as the wind blows through my hair
  • The casual conversations about nothing at all with whomever I choose
  • The smell of so many different foods in one place
  • The Cherry-limeade at Sonic at 1am with extra cherry flavor and extra flavoring
  • The smile and laughs of new people in my life
  • The sushi that is still awesome at Samuri
  • The hugs my niece and nephew ply me with every time I see them
  • The funny texts my PC friends still send because that is how we communicate
  • The gossip that still flows fast and thick even across an ocean
  • The smell of gardens and grass
  • The sticky oven of heat that is Nashville in July and August
  • The thrill I get from clothes I haven't seen in more than two years and completely forgot I owned
  • The joy I feel in my job again
  • The idea of so many wasted hours surfing the net
  • The feeling that life has changed dramatically and that it is perfectly sawa sawa (OK)
That is not to say that everyday I don't think of something I miss about Oyugis and Kenya.  I will write more about that later, but right now I just want the newness of this life to be the moment I am living.  These are some great moments.  I have let go of so much of the crap that I was holding on to before I left.  i can't remember most of it, which proves how incredibly pointless and negative it must have been.


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